FruitNutrition - Bio-availability and Bio-effectiveness

Bio-availability and Bio-effectiveness

Red berries

Anthocyanins are polyphenol compounds responsible for the red, purple and blue colours of berries.

Anthocyanins are potent antioxidants but they have been reported to have a number of specific biological activities beyond their antioxidant potential that range from improvement of age-related memory decline to anti-cancer effects


However, through laboratory simulation of the human digestive system (Bioavailability diagram is shown below), we have found that anthocyanins are inherently unstable and it is unlikely that these compounds are absorbed from the diet and are sufficiently bio-available in the bloodstream to enable them to have their reported effects throughout the body. View paper on 'Assessing Potential Bioavailability of Raspberry Anthocyanins Using an in Vitro Digestion System'. This example highlights the importance of selecting effective and bioavailable polyphenol components in berry breeding programmes.

Model system

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